Portable Skin Analyzer Machine for Scalp Skin Hair Follicle and Local Face Skin M12

Short Description:


Model: M12

Brand Name: MEICET

Features: 4 Spectrums Analysis And Video Function

Advantage: 200X + 50X with 3 spectrums; 11 Inch Screen; 10 Million Pixels

OEM/ODM: Professional Design Services With The Most Reasonable Expense

Suitable For: Beauty Salon, Hair Caring Shop, Styling Designer,Hair Care Centers, SPA etc.

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Hair Skin Diagnosis Scanner

【 Skin Diagnosis Hair analyzer】Analyzing the skin and hair condition of the damage and nutrition along with skin oil, normal, dry, dark and so on skin and hair types
【50X and 200X Lens】It has two lens. Use 50X lens for skin detection and 200X lens for hair detection.
【Wide application】The result is accurate by high definition camera which is specialized in the analysis of skin or hair quality, oil and moisture and nutrition, then beautician can take the right treatment to care the skin or hair according to the result of before and after
【Why Choose Us】11 Inch Big LCD screen to show the skin and hair images. Easy to operate the machine without any complex steps. Easy to carry. High correct rate.
【Package Include】1x LCD Screen, 2x High definition lenses, 1x Plug Wire

Skin Follicle Detector

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